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Jan. 19th, 2009

Ok so Vix and I, and another girl, were on a trainstation with this massive old fashioned train. Vix was trying to convince me to come back to her carriage. She picked me up in her arms, I wa heavy but I told her I was making myself light. She carried me (with little effort) to this train carriage which had been covered in red ribbons, all up the steps. This other girl followed us along. Inside there was a big bed in the middle of the room.
Vix and I were talking about how she was dating my friend Gary. He had disappeard on her and she was worried what that meant.
Then we got a text from him with a pic of London, where he lives, and a message explaining that he had run off because he was in love with her.
We then had a debate about whether that was weird.
Next thing we were on this boat, like a barge thing where these guys had organised a weird competition thing where they were taking votes on who would be the most attractive, everyone's pictures were up on the wall with 10:1 and 2:1 written on them. Mine and Vix's didn't seem to be around, but I thought maybe they were round the corner. Vix was playing a game that involved throwing darts at a board and then started having an arguement beacuse her dart fell out of the bulls eye, as to whether it counted. She was in a really bad mood, and walked off to stand by the door, I went over to talk to her beacuse she seemed sad and she told me to leave her alone.
Eventually Al and i were driving back to the island (what Island?) and the bridge was being closed for the night, we snuck through making cute faces at the guy pulling the barrier across.
He showed us how things were freezing over with ice, and a bucket sized thing was really a tea cup.

I know this dream isn't profound, I just havent' rememeberd one in weeks!


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Jan. 20th, 2009 10:59 am (UTC)
I like this one, it kind of jumps around a bit so it's a little difficult to make comment but the idea of you and Al flaunting the law makes me smile :P
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