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Big tree...

After a very long night out with some people I didn't really like we went back to a friend of mine's (not real) for some food. Her mother decided to talk to me for a while and she very much reminded me of Marsha from Spaced. After talk at length about her and her husband's alchohol induced heart disease it was decided instead of going home I'd go with her family for a weekend away. We were then walking into the Amytiville Hotel for a haunted house weekend. It was decided I'd be sharing a room with three girls my age, which I was pretty happy about but they kept pretending they'd shaved my head so I was constantly checking the bathroom mirror. After a brief tryst with one of them we decided to go shopping. 
We were in a snowy little town square with a big merry-go-round in the middle. I was wandering around for a while with a bunch of shopping bags, the girls had dissapeared. I sat down on the merry-go-round and looked out at the various shops as it went round. One was selling odd statues like the kind you find in witchy shops, the were strangely unsettling. I took out a harmonica and started playing a tune I remembered from a previous dream (literally months ago before we started doing this). I kept playing as I went round and the background started to blend together. 
Suddenly I was on a small blueish-black island in the middle of a very pretty swamp. All the vegitation looked like cobalt or saphire or something, all very spacey and kind of alien. I recognised the island from on older dream (possibly the same one with the song), then the massive tree in the middle of the island started talking to me. I can't remember what it said but I remember its logic was flawless and it had some pretty good philosophical arguments. I hung around for a while talking to this tree when something caught my attention from behind. Sat in the water was what my brain thinks a Miwa looks like. She seemed to recognise me and she seemed rather familiar so I followed her. She led me to a tunnel made of old stone that opened up as we approached. The tunnel was half full of water so we continued in. The deeper into the tunnel we went the more ill she seemed to become and the more she shrank, by the time we saw the end of the tunnel she was no bigger than my forearm and nearly unconscious. I thought maybe she needed more water so I picked her up and ran to the end of the tunnel. I barreled out into what I can only be described as the storybook representation of the town I was in before but this time it had a massive ground level fountain in the middle. I lept into the water with the Miwa and tried to stay under as long as possible, I was having trouble holding my breath so I was hoping she'd be alright but when I looked down at her she'd turned into a doll.

I woke up from being underwater and smacked myself in the head trying to swim. 


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Jan. 25th, 2009 01:37 pm (UTC)
excellent dream!

ok here's the bits i'm commenting on...
((oh and vix if you read this, a MIWA is an alien I made up for the space game, they are semi aquatic and were corrupted into a slave/geisha race to serve the government officals))
I'm skipping the first bit, tryst or no tryst....

So- The Merry-go-round is a very interesting symbol. Circle and wheels, things that turn. Cycles, changes in perception and vision, the movement of time and place, the seasons, the wheel of life, the centre point of the universe, the chakras. This is the centre of everything, from where you can look out and see.

The song- I was just talking to vix this morning and she mentioned songs, I sing of... The beginning of any decent story, the bard sings, the song is the language of otherworld, like the poetry, it's something that stays in your mind, it is instinct.

The Island- An island which is clearly an Otherworld place. It has the feel of being a solid point in the otherworld, possible a place you can visit in the future, and return to. The dream is very blue coloured, lots of water and so one, blue coloured plants. ((incidentally this ties in shockingly well with some work I've been doing and another conversation with vix this morning about the inner pool))

The Tree- Talking trees. Very good. Lots of information to be gained, possibly whether you're aware of it or not, this knowledge will come back to you, you might never remember what it said, bu tyour mind has heard it. Teacher figure. Another elemental.

The Miwa- The creature which leads you but then needs your assistance, the miwa in your mind are to be rescued and helped. Thsi carried across in the dream. She took you to a stone, which opened up in to a tunnel.

Tunnel- The underworld journey? The womb/tomb? This could be a ritual death for the Miwa, you are going along on her journey, but when you realise she is dying you try to bring her back out.

The fountain- more water! This is the fountain of life, the spring of rejouvination, the cycle is from the water you have seen before, through the tunnel and back out into the outside world.

The Doll- Dolls usually represent a form of something, an image, a version of something. They are often children, or an aspect of a person. They are able to be anything, really, you can put your own image onto a doll, give them a role to play. She is a blank canvas, to become somethign new perhaps?


Well I basically ranted all that out, but it's not necessaril correct in your mind.
As always, this is what I think. It doesn't make it fact.

Tell me what you think.

And we need to talk about elements.
I can't take anymore baseball bats to the back of the head about that one.

Jan. 25th, 2009 01:43 pm (UTC)
The island with the tree was very very familiar to me, like im sure I've seen that place in a dream before. The Miwa also seemed to be part of that older dream. Encouraging as if I've been there before I might be able to get back...I think that might have been the point of playing the song on the merry-go-round.
Jan. 25th, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
I was reading that and all I could think was "WTF is a Miwa?!" Thanks Dan!!!

If its a slave symbol, perhaps it represents the parts of Steve that are still shackled. He takes it down into an underworld journey and watches it shrink & die, then you have the fountain/rebirth symbolism. She then turns into a doll, as Dan suggests, perhaps taking that old shackled energy and rebirthing it into something new? A form that you can guide/shape as it grows?

Definitely keep hold of that song and the merry-go-round, that really sounds like an access point/method to Otherworld.
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