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Just a short one today as I can only remember the last bit.

I was trying to fix an enormous water treatment plant, it was all pipes and really rather evil looking. I had a couple of assistants that were helping me but the job was getting more and more urgent. Alarms were going off and the preasure was building in the pipes. There was one more thing for me to fix but it was really far away and we had to take the maintenance tunnels to get there. We set off into the massive tunnels when my assistant told me that the reason the last piece was broken was because the giant spider queen was fighting a giant (Kong-sized) monkey in the central control room. We had to sneak in to fix the place without getting eaten or squished. I was not happy but we carried on anyway.
We started going down a steep slope of platforms that we had to jump down a layer at a time. Suddenly my assistant yelled for me to hurry up because we were being chased. In a panic I jumped all the way down the rest of the slope in one go, rather surprised I didnt hurt myself on the way down. We kept running into the proper tunnel, I turned back briefly and could see massive spiders hopping down the platforms after us.
Again my assistant yelled for me to hurry up but this time it was to get to a safe area before the tunnel flooded with horrible black sludge. It rolled past like a wave then would dry up really quickly. We basically had about seven seconds between each wave so we were hopping from safe area to safe area. Eventually we made it to the control room and the massive metal door slid open with a horrible grinding noise.

I woke up.


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Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:17 am (UTC)
What struck me on this one is that the series of tunnels, the treatment plant, etc.... It's a massive, complex, complicated structure that you needed to navigate.

Sort of like Otherworld, yeah?

You had an assistant (guide) who warned you when you were being chased, gave advice, helped. You had to fix something broken by conflict between Spider (your biggest fear) and a giant monkey (could represent basic human? Not sure?), could either be something your fear is breaking in you, or just confronting fear. Spider seems to epitomise/embody your fear-self.
Feb. 22nd, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)
I see what you mean about the plant being like otherworld, interesting angle, I thought it might be like the inside of my head.

Looking back on past dreams the spider does seem to be a good fear envoy. Quite often they do seem to act as pursuers, which is just lovely.
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