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I dreamt that I'd gone over to Sifu's house for some reason and he asked if I was interested in trying to grade, privately. Considering I've only had five lessons, I thought this a bit soon, but he said I could try for it. It involved my climbing a wall, like a military obstacle course, and I struggled up it.... not because it was hard, but because Brandon was holding onto me, trying to talk to me, and getting in my way (symbolism is a bit obvious there, huh?). Then he asked me to do some forms, but I didn't know them by the names he gave, and I was confused. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of my relatives are wandering in to watch, but I wasn't embarassed just distracted.

As was to be expected, I didn't pass the grading, because I didn't know everything yet, but he was very nice. His daughter was hot, and flirting with me (I don't think he has a daughter irl). I left with her, and we were in my car, stopped at lights. Then these two guys slid into the backseat while we were stopped, and I tried to get them out. The girl got out, and one of the guys I think, because then I was alone with one guy in the backseat, and I couldn't use pressure grips on him because he seemed to have no nervous system.

So instead, I swung the car into a spin and miraculously didn't hit anything, and wound up blocking traffic where a bunch of men in cars were trying to get onto the street. I screamed HELP HELP HELP a lot and they very nervously tried to get this guy to go. He ended up leaving, and I was walking through a garden park at night, very confused.


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