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Holy hell this was a big one.

Ok nobody has posted a dream in a while, this is a long one and it’s pretty weird.

I was at Uni for a film studies class in a big kind of creepy looking screening room that I’ve dreamt about before. We were there for a lecture that had finished and were watching a trailer for a new film. It was horrible; there was no soundtrack just that horrible shrieking noise they use for a swarm of bugs. The plot seemed to be about a slightly pudgy Leonardo Di Caprio fighting off a horrible monster swarm of insects but it was really just a disturbing series of events flickering across the screen. I began feeling really uncomfortable watching this in the dark and was really happy when it finished. We all left but I realised I’d left my jacket behind in the screening room so I ran back and grabbed it. Then there was a scene shift.

I was then picking up some stuff from a small super market in a very small town. Things seemed to be alright until some of the floor tiling lifted up and a vicious looking spiky centipede with six eyes and a weird whipping tongue crawled out, it was about the size of a large dog and it immediately tackled someone and started biting them. I panicked and decided I could fly. I floated around the ceiling trying to get to the door. At the door a bunch of tiny mutant caterpillars were crawling around and I knew this was a bad sign. I floated over them and went out the door where people were hiding under and awning. A giant mutant butterfly thing was swooping down and carrying people off, while monster ants and beetles were generally causing a ruckus. I started flying down the street to the town hall where I knew someone would have a plan but I was being chased by the butterfly and the centipedes that has started flying around like freaky eels. I managed to avoid them and get into the town hall where the local military (a group of five very old men in shabby looking uniform) were explaining what was going on. The gist was no one had a clue and we were pretty much fucked. People had started fighting back and they were doing alright but it was all pretty horrible. I flew off to help and ended up helping some guys clear a building of giant bombardier beetles and other weird insectoid masses that I’m not sure what they were. I had a gun but the bugs were pretty resistant to dying. The flying centipedes were still giving me the most trouble but then these massive green things on long spindly legs started eating the whole building so I had to fly around shooting them in the glowing patches on their backs. Eventually we brought down the green things and the rest of the bugs and everyone was happy. However we found an entrance to a massive underground tunnel complex and worked out there had to be more bugs down there, I became convinced they were going to send out a massive army the second the sun went down. My mate Steve then drove up in a car and yelled for me to get in so we could go warn the military. He started driving through the town at crazy speeds while I killed the odd bug through the window with a bullwhip.

            When we got to the old generals they were bumbling about like Dad’s Army in a field. I had a burst of action movie logic and told them that we couldn’t let the bugs spread outside the valley so we had to get the army to carpet bomb the whole town, for the greater good. The military unsurprisingly did not listen to me. As the sun went down we knew we were going to get attacked in a big way so we prepared as best we could. I flew up onto a building and the scene faded out.

            When it faded back in it was some time later and it was implied that the humans had won the battle. I was in a kitchen with a chef who was making soup and for some reason I was clinging to the top of a pillar. I was really scared the bugs were just hiding and I kept seeing images of them sneaking up on several locations in town. Suddenly a group of monster ants pushed open the back door and I lost my shit completely. They didn’t attack though and I noticed one of them was holding a letter in his mandibles. I took it and it said

Hello, as much as we’ve enjoyed playing this little RPG we have a slightly bigger problem. Enclosed is a picture of Chaos Station nearby, it is where we were created. However the geo-thermal energy plant has dug in too deep and woken the Bolkon Hydra that now threatens us all. Please bring your people to the battle. When this is all over let us know if you’d like to play again, maybe this time we can provide some player characters for you to fight.


I leapt into action (gotta love dream logic), grabbed as many of my mates as I could and ran to get the bus. We missed a few busses by the time we got there but finally one stopped. I noticed that the driver looked very strange and had tentacles for hands. I showed him the letter and he agreed to drive straight to the chaos station. He drove ridiculously fast and we got there very quickly. When we arrived we found the chaos station to be a massive building with a hole that went right the way to the sea floor. When I got off the bus, two enormous creatures that looked like crosses between a bear, a tiger and a dog clawed their way out of the hole. They were yellow and green coloured and I decided they must be the insect kings. I became convinced that I could combine powers with them and become something that could kill this hydra creature but when I tried they smacked me away and sneered.

            The Bolkon Hydra arrived and it seemed to be a massive eye on a strange tripod body and a long tale. It fired a red laser from its giant eye and destroyed a lot of the square before leaping off the top of the bus and flying away.

            I woke up.


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