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Jan. 19th, 2009

Ok so Vix and I, and another girl, were on a trainstation with this massive old fashioned train. Vix was trying to convince me to come back to her carriage. She picked me up in her arms, I wa heavy but I told her I was making myself light. She carried me (with little effort) to this train carriage which had been covered in red ribbons, all up the steps. This other girl followed us along. Inside there was a big bed in the middle of the room.
Vix and I were talking about how she was dating my friend Gary. He had disappeard on her and she was worried what that meant.
Then we got a text from him with a pic of London, where he lives, and a message explaining that he had run off because he was in love with her.
We then had a debate about whether that was weird.
Next thing we were on this boat, like a barge thing where these guys had organised a weird competition thing where they were taking votes on who would be the most attractive, everyone's pictures were up on the wall with 10:1 and 2:1 written on them. Mine and Vix's didn't seem to be around, but I thought maybe they were round the corner. Vix was playing a game that involved throwing darts at a board and then started having an arguement beacuse her dart fell out of the bulls eye, as to whether it counted. She was in a really bad mood, and walked off to stand by the door, I went over to talk to her beacuse she seemed sad and she told me to leave her alone.
Eventually Al and i were driving back to the island (what Island?) and the bridge was being closed for the night, we snuck through making cute faces at the guy pulling the barrier across.
He showed us how things were freezing over with ice, and a bucket sized thing was really a tea cup.

I know this dream isn't profound, I just havent' rememeberd one in weeks!

Dream blessings...

I was a member of a priesthood (but still a girl) and wearing robes, walking down a long stone staircase to my room. Someone was with me, and I showed them around my room, very matter of factly showing them the 'heathenish' items I had stored there. I was buying them cheap from the markets and selling them expensively somewhere, to make a profit. The other person was horrified I was dealing in devil trinkets, but I said what did it matter, I was making money.

I bought some of them from a girl who lived underwater. So I had to go down under the water of a lake to find her, she had a stall there. I became a mermaid, but a little boy and his daddy were swimming in the lake. They caught me and pulled me up.

SWITCH: Suddenly I'm in this fantastic place, it's definitely another country (labelled "England" in my head, but not really England, like medieval England or otherworld England). It's in a wood, all lovely soft colours, and there's a wooden bridge across a trickling river. Everything is a bit fuzzy and soft-edged, and the sound isn't quite normal. I can distinctly hear the river trickling away, and the sounds of our laughter as we play but there's an echo to it, like a dream quality even within the dream.

Dan and Steve are there, and I'm there with Grant. There are rose petals falling from the sky around us as we walk, and there are rope swings hanging out of nowhere that we swing on. Dan gives Grant and I something to drink from this absolutely beautifully carved wooden cup. The rose petals keep falling.

It has the feel of Elysium Fields, of heaven. Total bliss, utter peace, a feeling that goes beyond contentment. The rose petals are the gift of Aphrodite, a blessing falling upon us.

Then I'm at a ball of some kind, and I'm a blonde woman in a white dress. A man appears, very Greek heroic with curling blonde hair, buff body (he's naked from the waist up, but there's an allusion of armour about what he wears - lots of torques and arm bands and things), and we start talking. He says he was brought to Earth by Aphrodite years ago, he wasn't born of humans. I'm drawn to him, and I say something along the lines of "Aphrodite talks aways to me, but I can never speak to Her."

Then I'm outside the scene watching the blonde woman, and thinking, "Don't be daft, you silly woman. Aphrodite hears everything you say and think."

And I wake up.


So we were having lunch Dan, Vix and I and we were being introduced to someone who refered to himself as Vix's boyfriend, a lean fellow with ridiculously spikey hair and a bit of a cockney accent. He was pretty obnoxious and going on and on about his skills at poker so I took his challenge to a game, not expecting to win, but to just lark about and kind of piss him off. It kind of became apparent that we were'nt playing actual poker as my hand seeemed to contain only Tarot cards of a strange and obscure variety. I smiled and nodded through the hand but he apparently had a very good hand. Well we showed our crads I found the colour had drained out f some of mine and it seemed to have some significance. Three of the cards just had different breeds of dog on them but one seemed to be a scene of a man on a cross, in a cathedral before a judging council.
I showed it to Dan but she said it probably wasn't important but then we were the judging council sat in massive chairs while the obnoxious man was on a cross being interrogated. We had little minion guys running around sucking up to us. We talked to the obnoxious guy for a bit longer when he said "Smiter, start your smiting". We kind of laughed because it sounded pretty lame but then I noticed some of the cards in my hand had changed and now were just red with strangely etched gold letters that made a horrible noise. That was all the evidence I needed, so I calmly shouted run and demanded Dan and Vix follow, one of the minions also came.
When we got outside it was clear that fireballs were falling from the sky. We had to keep moving because they seemed to lock on to us wherever we went. We ran around the cathedral grounds for a bit (kind of looked like a slightly more plant filled Vatican) until I remembered something called a "Mercy gate" on the west side. We made for that and it seemed to be across a bridge that promptly collapsed. With a fireball closing in we started complaining it wasn't fair, that surely it should be evil things that get smoten. The minion we had with us then started off on a massive rant about doing the devil's work with his green and black left hand of power. I suddenly realised I had Micky's sword on my belt and severed his left arm at the elbow.
We were now in a room in a rec center and the minion was complaining loudly about the loss of his arm. He wandered off and we remembered we had classes to be at. I'm not sure where Dan or Vix went but I went to my swordsmanship class thinking I could use alot more practice.

(Two in a row, someone else has to post :P)

Jan. 3rd, 2009

I seemed to be part of an adventure/dare that had us doing a whole bunch of crazy shit for no good reason. There was me, two friends who I could only half see, I think one was a girl and a couple of children I've never met before. Our driver appeared to be some nut job (possibly Dalton Elliot). We started off careening down a motorway at high speed, weaving through traffic. We were in some kind of minivan and we may have just come from a camp or something (a bit vague). Writing came up in from of my eyes like an objective screen, two things were already crossed out and my current objective was just titled "Toy".
The minivan pulled straight off the motorway onto a rickety wooden pier somewhere in a swamp, which i assumed to be near new orleans but in hindsight definately wasnt. The kids wandered over to a cool little tour boat run by a pair of old folks. The kids seemed very happy with the idea so Dalton took them onto the boat and it soon pulled away into the swamp. The swamp was surrounded by dense tropical foliage and had these weird pegs with odd looking tribal art mounted on them. My two cohorts and I decided to wander off over the water to another part of the swamp. 
There we found a rough stone temple that was actually a museum. It was very closed and all the lights were out but the door was open. we found a big hall that looked alot like a bit of the British museum in Egypt. There was a button on one of the marble walls that we couldn't resist pressing. It made most of the floor open up to reveal catacombs below the room and also opened a door in one of the walls.
We went through and we found a square tunnel with chalk walls strewn with odd statues, some of which looked like egyption cats but with less defined shapes and bigger teeth. I think I said something like "Hi Bubastis" not expecting an answer. We carried on down the tunnel and found a big set of stairs. Down the stairs came a statue of Horus. It was walking but clearly made of stone. It was missing its right eye and apparently heading for a box of replacements. While it was distracted we hurried up the stairs. We only got about half way up before we heard him coming back up the stairs. I turned round only now he didn't look like Horus, he looked like a very muscley man with correct fleshtones and no shirt but seemed to be made of painted plaster. He smiled and carried on up the stairs. We followed and found racks apon racks of perfectly sculpted if slightly exagerated shirtless men and women, all sat in holding pens with blank and serene smiles. It was all very creepy. The only real looking person there was an Egyptian looking woman in a lab coat with glasses. I asked her what was going on and she implied that these were escorts of some sort and that they used to be people. She then turned to us and said they "would have their time, but we are alive and have appointments to keep. Now next year you'll have to submit to additional surgery but for now lets be off". Obviously we were already creeping away back down the stairs. She looked at us with disgust then pointed us, the plaster men started standing up.
Dan texting me woke me up.


Hi kids.
been awhile.
You know, festive season...

So I had a dream about going to Cornwall with Paul. We went to stay in a caravan. When we arrived there was a very large feild at the bottom of a hill, like in a valley. It was really familiar But I can't think where I've seen it. There were places to sleep and lots of other people staying there. I think the buildings were like traincars...
and inside one of them was like a barn where you have the big hay loft bit...

so there was a woman who had four tiger cubs to look after, they were all playing in the grass and there were lots of wild animals, like lions and ostriches that kept appearing and attacking people.
The cubs were being stalked by a lion and the woman had to move them away with her foot so that the lion wouldn't notice they were moving. She sort of scooted them along, subtly.

Then she was in the hay loft part, with the cubs. Suddenly all this water started pouring in from behind her, like a tidal wave. It poured in all over the place and started filling up the bottom of the barn. She had to dive in to rescue the cubs, who were drowning. She got three of them out, but when all the water ran away there was one missing.

Eventually we were all looking for him and I found him hiding in a toy clothes dryer. He was fine.

Incidentally, the other day I had this dream about people looking for a baby. I knew it was behind me, behind this pillar on the stairs. I knew it was there but I didn't tell anyone. The baby was curled up and black. When I decided to "find" it and tell everyone I had found him, he slowly turned back to baby colour, like he was coming alive, and started moving.



Eww, zombies....

I was watching Brandon play a computer game about zombies, except it was more like real life. The view was slightly from above, the characters were definitely computer screen characters. Watching a little zombie traipse about the bowsers of a petrol station and the hero character run about its limpdraghobbledragdrool progress was funny. Except then the zombie started running too - after the hero. This was not right. We freaked out (I was watching) and he took his hero into the actual service station part, but the zombie tried to follow - which it definitely shouldn't have done. There were suddenly hordes of zombies all coming after him, and it didn't seem like "just a game" anymore. The screen froze briefly as he was switching and then appeared inside the station, fine, no zombies. He found a Princess Leia character and put her in a pretty dress to calm us both down, then took his character back outside.

Flashback/memory to Walter (from Nikita) in army camo giving a lecture to newbies (we were all living in a bunker underground, very post-apocalyptic) telling us all that if we got bit by zombie, not to panic, it was fine - just get back home, they could sterilise the wound and you wouldn't turn into one. But DONT PANIC!

Outside the service station, I/he/we/the hero goes to a pay phone and calls this chick who lives alone in the city (but who Walter has an on-again off-again love affair with) and try to tell her to tell them we need help. She runs the phonelines these days. Image of her, dark skinned and pretty in a New Orleans kinda way, flicking a match to light a cigarette. She says she can't help us, because she wants the zombies running free. We sorta know she's a voodoo priestess, but normally she helps us too.

Very dramatic image of her standing up suddenly, you realize she's in a cave underground with lots of zombies, don't wanna see her face in the shadows because you know that her skin has peeled away and you can see skeleton, and she's shouting, "Remember who I am. I AM THE ZOMBIE QUEEN!" Dramatic backlit shot of her skeletal face/body.

There's someone you're/we're/I'm supposed to fight, childlike intelligence, big hulking body, not sure who's side he's on. But she doesn't want us to do that yet. So she reaches out and grabs us with her magic, both of us, and she's holding us hovering above the ground. We can see each other. She says she's sending us somewhere until she's ready for us.

A rip opens in the air in front of me, and one in front of him... A long, crinkling, wavering rip of time and space. Seriously, Hollywood would pay BILLIONS for the quality of this special effect, it was crystal clear and gorgeous. Then she flings me into mine, and I see him go into his. I have just enough time to decide whether to brave it out or close my eyes (I keep 'em open for a bit then close them) and all I can feel is pressure, being buffetted around by something like strong winds.

When I open my eyes I"m looking down over an absolutely lovely tropical island, mountainous covered in  beautiful dark trees - from VERY VERY HIGH IN THE SKY. I'm falling, free falling, nothing between me and the ground. I scream, I try jumping up and down as I fall (doesn't work), I try running away (doesn't work), I try running in circles (doesn't work but I do get hysterical and start laughing at myself). After a time, the fall feels as though I'm not moving at all. There's a sort of feeling that when I hit the ground I will die, but I'll respawn once I regain consciousness so I'm not TOO worried, but I am still falling.

And falling and falling and falling. And then I wake just before I hit the ground.

(FYI - When I woke, I heard Brandon watching a zombie movie in the other room. But I have NEVER had a falling dream that I can remember, and never had a dream with such absolutely amazing special effects as that rip in space. Makes up for the crappy graphics of the computer game, I guess)

Dec. 21st, 2008

Dan was attempting to explain something paganish and I wasn't really getting it so she decided to just show me. We left the house and started heading toward a wedding that Annie was doing that night to see if we could observe. Dan got me to wear this rather bulky cape/cloak that had padded shoulders covered in leaves. I think the cape was blue but it was kind of dark so I'm not sure. 
We wandered for a bit until we came to a really wide river that had a few small islands in it. The islands were dark and covered in old trees strung together with moss and stuff. They looked pretty creepy, not in a "there might be horrible things in there" kind of way but more "Holy hell those are really old". From around the back of one of these islands came a small wooden boat with a curled front end. In the dark I couldn't see who was on it but there were a couple of lanterns hanging over it that made little balls of light. It was all very pretty. Dan explained that it was the wedding car passing by and we should follow it.
We followed the bank of the river that now seemed to snake through a populated area, there were very narrow banks that ran along the walls of old houses. We had to hold on to the wall so we didn't fall in. 
As we were following the boat, we could hear vaguely folkish music wafting in from an unseen band. Dan started singing along but I didn't recognise the song at first, it seemed to be in a different language but sounded familiar. When we reached the chorus I suddenly knew what the song was and we all burst into Eye of the Tiger :S. 
We kept following the boat until it seemed to dissapear into a city. Dan said we had to hurry and handed me one of thiose sacks they give you at faires for on the big slides. I found I could surf on this sack quite effectively as if the whole world was downhill. We surfed along the streets with people jumping out of the way. Eventually I lost sight of Dan and while I was looking around for her I stopped looking where I was going and went straight down some stairs to the underground railway. Everything was made of white marble and clear plastic, it looked pretty futuristic. There was nobody else there except for what appeared to be the ghost of a batman-esque villain of some kind. She had a very specific gimmik but I cant remember what it was. She mistook me for her enemy (apparently i looked like him) and spent alot of time hassling me while I slid around looking for an exit. I finally worked out that the villain and her enemy had a very complex relationship that I suddenly understood. I stopped, ran over to her and kissed her. This confused her so much that she sort of stood still for a while and stopped following me. I took off again on my sack and soon found the stairs leading back to the street. 
Dan reappeared and we watched the boat flying away over a cinema.   
The start of the dream is a bit blurry, I was at a convention centre or hotel or something, and we (me and a guy) had stepped into their function room. Something about Phillip Island track day. And then this group of guys came in and started a riot, to get us out of there... They made a comment about "next week, we'll all come in wearing nice clothes and glasses and lecture at you." It was an experiment, a social experiment to prove that the same people could have different effects. I tried to say yeah, they'd have a different impact that way because then they wouldn't be HITTING ANYONE. But regardless, we got thrown out and yelled out.

I had something in my pocket and when I pulled it out, there were 2 small crystals there. One of them was a smaller version of one I have in real life, a slice of dyed agate that looks like you're inside a cave on the beach, looking out through the entrance to the waves, with a rock half covering it. The other looked like an eye, and I knew Dan had sent me that from Anny (who had given all the students one). Thinking back, mine sort of reminds me of the entrance to when I went to see Gwyn ap Nudd.

I was talking to Dan about it, and then suddenly there was a cave in front of me. It was really weird here... as though we lived here, because every night we could hear cars, and then bad things would come and we'd have to hide. It was never really clear if they were dinosaurs, the cars were possessed, or possibly it was just insane surfers coming to eat us. It was a bit post-apocalyptic.

Except then it didn't matter. Because there was this old man, total hermit teacher role, who was there and he was mixing potions and he had all these handwritten books of notes. And I kept looking at him, and finally he pulled me over to the spare chair by his desk,  and opened a notebook and started showing me. I was SO happy, because for as long as I could remember, I'd been struggling to do this on my own and all I wanted was someone to SHOW me the practical side, someone who was experienced themselves, because I learn best by doing, and I wanted someone to teach me.

So we sat down and he opened a book, showing me a type of kettle that you used specifically to boil a particular potion. Then he opened it to another page and it was labelled "Butterflies" - he had me read it, so I would remember it. Something about they're clothed in something made of three different types of material. But he didn't test me, which is good because I don't think I could have remembered it all. Instead he went on and asked me about a type of insect (preying mantis I think) which was said to represent the tarot and he asked me why - I said it was because they could call to each other over long distances, he said it was because in doing so, they knew where the other was and that they would eventually reach them.

There was a change, and we were outside a hall. He was taking me to a school that taught this stuff, and we opened a pop-up book that had a computer screen & keyboard in it, had to type in my registration name (which was Jeitiiea). Then he said the first lesson was on vampires, took me into a beautiful, ornate hall that actually looked like a church with high vaulted ceilings, and said there were some vampires in with the other students, and they would be munching on some of the kids to teach them what vamps were all about. Then he left me.

I sat at the back and listened to two girls crying, and telling each other (in a very group therapy way) about their experiences with being blood-raped by vamps in the past. They were NOT joining in the lesson. At that point, I remembered that I was Anita Blake, and that vamps called me the Executioner, so I did this very intimidating walk around the entire room/hall, ending back where I started from. I had lots of weapons, which was quite nifty.

One vamp (slightly younger, I think) came up and I said, "NOBODY bites me." His mentor joined us, and we were then outside. There was a garden and some other kids playing ball games outside, a lovely garden with sculpted hedges and things. You could see the city in the distance. The younger vamp was either trying to intimate or bite me, or maybe he was just angry at me, because next thing I know, we're fighting. I had his face pinned at one point, my fingertips were just over his eyeballs and I could see the lens floating about on top of his eyeball (his eyes were a light, pale green, more like yellow-green). I was saying something about who I was, he was all cocky and "I don't know you, you're nobody" so I showed him my license (I think this is why I had my fingers over his eyes, to make sure he looked) but he didn't recognise the name, so I leaned in and said (in my best, intimidating Anita Blake manner), "How about Death? Do you recognise that name?"

And his mentor realized I was about to kill this guy and tried to intervene - very polite and apologetic - but the young vamp lost it. We were fighting, and I remembered I had some of their powers. I was fast, I was strong, I could dance off the walls, and we were fighting in the air at one point, hovering. His face had changed, he had about five rows of tiny, sharp teeth that were glistening and white, like they were covered in some layer of mucus/saliva, and only one eye, right in the centre of his head. I had punched him a bit, he was trying to cut me with a paperclip but I kept resisting him.

Then 2 balls came flying over my shoulder humming and I knew they were bombs, my allies had shot them at the 2 vamps. So I disengaged, ran from him shouting "BOMB! TAKE COVER!" and everyone scattered. I dove through a hedge and behind some bins, and there was an explosion, and I was showered with bits of flesh and blood and bone. The shell of part of a finger got stuck on my finger, and i had to pull it off. It was disgusting.

I got up, dusted myself off, and went back inside to the class.

Dan is drawing a snake eating its own tail on my back to see if I'd like it as a tattoo. Kristal (girl from work) is apparently a tattoo artist and starts outlining it. Instead of a pen or tattoo needle/gun thing, she uses a knife that draws on like ink. It doesn't really hurt, but I am lying on my belly and at the same time, hovering above myself, watching her do it. Instead of drawing the snake, she ends up outlining a black cat (Zen?). Halfway through Dan and I notice that she's not drawing the right thing, and tell her its wrong. So she tries to make the cat eat its own tail.

I remember my other dream about the wrong tattoo and feel disappointed that it's happened again. But she shaded it lightly and it looks quite nice once done. I decide I really love having a tattoo on my back, down the length of it. My hair is waist length and tangled, wild and free, and I like that too.

Sam and I go walking and we're in Glastonbury which looks largely like a medieval fair.
I was loving being in Glastonbury. I only had one thing - a feather quill. I tucked it into my shirt and told Sam we didn't need anything more than that and some bells in life. We're all too concerned with STUFF. I have bells around my neck. Sam agrees and we decide to become some sort of travelling sages.

We get to the end of the "medieval" village that is Glastonbury. We step over the stone markers (that mark the edge of it) and although I know this means we're back in the "real" world, and supposed to act more "normal" it just made me feel like I was free and flying. Sam and I keep walking and come to a place likeke Shorncliffe beach. There are lots of normal people there. I'm barely clothed, tattooed, long wild hair and flying free. I race down to the water and it's high tide. Some guy I pass makes a really lewd comment about me (his wife chastises him) but his confused misconception of me doesn't bother me at all. I'm free. I'm flying.

I stand at the cement steps of the tide wall, till I'm knee deep in water and lean forwards. I whisper to the Goddess and the wind holds me up. I have my arms outstretched at my sides, leaning out over the water, but I don't fall into it.

After a while, Sam calls me away and shows me a building where something strange had once happened. He says he lives there and he wants me to pick out his apartment. I race into the foyer and find the one with his name on it - number five. But he says "look again" and there's some artwork he's done pinned to the noticeboard - it says he is in unit 22.

Dec. 16th, 2008

(This one woke me up about ten minutes ago, it had all the qualities of "nightmare" including that I woke up unable to breathe, covered in sweat, heart pounding. And I'm still nervous about leaving the room in case there are wolves out there. Mark, were you awake and doing anything with your Wolf at this point? Once I'd woken up a bit, it occured to me that the wolf felt a bit like you).

I was at Dan's parents house. Looking at, or remembering, or talking about photos of things with did in England, specifically visiting Anny's where a lake had been on fire and was still burning slightly around the edges. Dan's parents had guests, very elegant, one of those houses with a fireplace and grey stone walls. Dan and Al (aussie girl, not scottish boy) were going out somewhere to a gig. I'd come home and Brandon had prepared all sorts of stuff for me, he was wearing a half-made mask, and giving me things, and then he was dancing for me (a bit like from a boy band filmclip) and picked me up and danced me with him. I just sort of hung there. 

Dan & Al were dressing up in masks and going out to a gig. I was sad I couldn't go with them. 

Then I was outside, up the road from my old house talking to... someone (??!!). They were very close to me, male, older, very familiar and important. (NOT my dad, but had a mentor-like feel to it). Then a neighbour came out with a shotgun and said he was going hunting, there was an implication that they'd been warned there were werewolves in the area. The first guy assured me there probably weren't any around, but sent me home for safety. I watched them go up into the backyard and saw a hulking werewolf shape slump through further up. They were too far away for me to yell out to them. I ran home frantically thinking I needed silver and garlic and this infusion/tea of "silverwash" to protect me.

It was late afternoon. There was a garden party going on at mum's/nana's/my old place. Lots of family members, a few dogs. A white/grey wolf slunk up casually, everyone thought it was a dog but I watched it. It came into the kitchen and sat there. I took up my Pan necklace (cuz it was silver) and waved it at the wolf and hissed at it, and it left. So did everyone else, but Leisa, Jason & Renee. I took them into my old room, but Renee squirmed very animalistically, and I realized she'd been turned. I chased her off with silver as well.

We were all frantically preparing this "silverwash" infusion to hold them off. We were supposed to drink it and it would protect us from the wolves & the witches and it would last a few days. We knew we were lax in not having taken it before this, it was like preventative medicine. It was the witches we were really worried about, they sort of controlled the wolves. I did a protection invocation over the others, serving as priestess, and then went looking for the infusion/tea recipe. It was online, so took a while to find due to slow internet access. 

It required a piece of tree, vine and leaf. We were racing around trying to find bits of that inside the house or near to it, because the witches were outside and getting closer, and I was holding them off only by my existing wards. We found dodgy versions of the ingredients and started boiling water, but I didn't think we'd have time to make it. They showed up at the door but it wasn't quite dark enough yet, so they left. We were almost done when they came back. They tried to break through the wards, all three of them. They began to get through. I was holding them out by will and power alone. 

Then I realized that was the wrong way to go about it. They were in. I started repeating something like "They aren't welcome here. We don't want them here. They need to leave." And they swirled all around us in a circle as though dragged by some giant whirlpool, and got sucked out of the house. They were screaming, furious. We knew they were leaving, crept to a window to see HOW they'd leave. Heard an engine like for a car, but then looked up and saw a giant scaled dragon (dark reddish) flying overhead carrying them. We hid as they went past, so they didn't see us and come back to try again. 

I finished making the tea, make everyone drink it (including Renee who's back now and fine), and we all drink it. It has to be drunk regularly to keep up the protection. We make a plan to go to a field soon and get the proper ingredients. 

(Flash earlier in the dream at some point: My mother telling me/others about how when I was a child, I got lost in the marshes/woods near Lota creek and got harassed by a wild "dog". She chased it away by driving near it, when she heard me screaming for her)


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