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Holy hell this was a big one.

Ok nobody has posted a dream in a while, this is a long one and it’s pretty weird.

I was at Uni for a film studies class in a big kind of creepy looking screening room that I’ve dreamt about before. We were there for a lecture that had finished and were watching a trailer for a new film. It was horrible; there was no soundtrack just that horrible shrieking noise they use for a swarm of bugs. The plot seemed to be about a slightly pudgy Leonardo Di Caprio fighting off a horrible monster swarm of insects but it was really just a disturbing series of events flickering across the screen. I began feeling really uncomfortable watching this in the dark and was really happy when it finished. We all left but I realised I’d left my jacket behind in the screening room so I ran back and grabbed it. Then there was a scene shift.

I was then picking up some stuff from a small super market in a very small town. Things seemed to be alright until some of the floor tiling lifted up and a vicious looking spiky centipede with six eyes and a weird whipping tongue crawled out, it was about the size of a large dog and it immediately tackled someone and started biting them. I panicked and decided I could fly. I floated around the ceiling trying to get to the door. At the door a bunch of tiny mutant caterpillars were crawling around and I knew this was a bad sign. I floated over them and went out the door where people were hiding under and awning. A giant mutant butterfly thing was swooping down and carrying people off, while monster ants and beetles were generally causing a ruckus. I started flying down the street to the town hall where I knew someone would have a plan but I was being chased by the butterfly and the centipedes that has started flying around like freaky eels. I managed to avoid them and get into the town hall where the local military (a group of five very old men in shabby looking uniform) were explaining what was going on. The gist was no one had a clue and we were pretty much fucked. People had started fighting back and they were doing alright but it was all pretty horrible. I flew off to help and ended up helping some guys clear a building of giant bombardier beetles and other weird insectoid masses that I’m not sure what they were. I had a gun but the bugs were pretty resistant to dying. The flying centipedes were still giving me the most trouble but then these massive green things on long spindly legs started eating the whole building so I had to fly around shooting them in the glowing patches on their backs. Eventually we brought down the green things and the rest of the bugs and everyone was happy. However we found an entrance to a massive underground tunnel complex and worked out there had to be more bugs down there, I became convinced they were going to send out a massive army the second the sun went down. My mate Steve then drove up in a car and yelled for me to get in so we could go warn the military. He started driving through the town at crazy speeds while I killed the odd bug through the window with a bullwhip.

            When we got to the old generals they were bumbling about like Dad’s Army in a field. I had a burst of action movie logic and told them that we couldn’t let the bugs spread outside the valley so we had to get the army to carpet bomb the whole town, for the greater good. The military unsurprisingly did not listen to me. As the sun went down we knew we were going to get attacked in a big way so we prepared as best we could. I flew up onto a building and the scene faded out.

            When it faded back in it was some time later and it was implied that the humans had won the battle. I was in a kitchen with a chef who was making soup and for some reason I was clinging to the top of a pillar. I was really scared the bugs were just hiding and I kept seeing images of them sneaking up on several locations in town. Suddenly a group of monster ants pushed open the back door and I lost my shit completely. They didn’t attack though and I noticed one of them was holding a letter in his mandibles. I took it and it said

Hello, as much as we’ve enjoyed playing this little RPG we have a slightly bigger problem. Enclosed is a picture of Chaos Station nearby, it is where we were created. However the geo-thermal energy plant has dug in too deep and woken the Bolkon Hydra that now threatens us all. Please bring your people to the battle. When this is all over let us know if you’d like to play again, maybe this time we can provide some player characters for you to fight.


I leapt into action (gotta love dream logic), grabbed as many of my mates as I could and ran to get the bus. We missed a few busses by the time we got there but finally one stopped. I noticed that the driver looked very strange and had tentacles for hands. I showed him the letter and he agreed to drive straight to the chaos station. He drove ridiculously fast and we got there very quickly. When we arrived we found the chaos station to be a massive building with a hole that went right the way to the sea floor. When I got off the bus, two enormous creatures that looked like crosses between a bear, a tiger and a dog clawed their way out of the hole. They were yellow and green coloured and I decided they must be the insect kings. I became convinced that I could combine powers with them and become something that could kill this hydra creature but when I tried they smacked me away and sneered.

            The Bolkon Hydra arrived and it seemed to be a massive eye on a strange tripod body and a long tale. It fired a red laser from its giant eye and destroyed a lot of the square before leaping off the top of the bus and flying away.

            I woke up.

Apr. 2nd, 2009

I was dating a girl, I cant remember who she was but it was going quite well. The problem was, my parents and then more and more of my family began appearing to ask questions at really inapropriate moments. I was starting to get remarkably pissed off, she didnt seem to mind particularly. This carried on for some time, eventually though I heard Caz scream. She was working somewhere quite far away but I could somehow hear her, she sounded like she'd burned herself. I made my apologies to mystery girl and ran off to chack on her. Running off to check on her actually seemed to involve time travel, I suddenly found myself in a medieval style tavern. The clientelle seemed to be dressed like exagerated Victorians and when I found her Caz was wearing some sort of French maid outfit. She was obviously upset about something and crying alot, she started to explain, I can't remember what was wrong now but I gave her a hug.
Out of nowhere however she made a pass at me. This did not have the effect I expected, I got really annoyed and told her to stop being an idiot. I stormed off and had a drink with the guys from clockwork orange, eventually I found myself on the side of a farm road with a pint of something and I saw mystery girl somehow walking up the road and tapping her foot, she looked rather annoyed.

I woke up.
I dreamt that I'd gone over to Sifu's house for some reason and he asked if I was interested in trying to grade, privately. Considering I've only had five lessons, I thought this a bit soon, but he said I could try for it. It involved my climbing a wall, like a military obstacle course, and I struggled up it.... not because it was hard, but because Brandon was holding onto me, trying to talk to me, and getting in my way (symbolism is a bit obvious there, huh?). Then he asked me to do some forms, but I didn't know them by the names he gave, and I was confused. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of my relatives are wandering in to watch, but I wasn't embarassed just distracted.

As was to be expected, I didn't pass the grading, because I didn't know everything yet, but he was very nice. His daughter was hot, and flirting with me (I don't think he has a daughter irl). I left with her, and we were in my car, stopped at lights. Then these two guys slid into the backseat while we were stopped, and I tried to get them out. The girl got out, and one of the guys I think, because then I was alone with one guy in the backseat, and I couldn't use pressure grips on him because he seemed to have no nervous system.

So instead, I swung the car into a spin and miraculously didn't hit anything, and wound up blocking traffic where a bunch of men in cars were trying to get onto the street. I screamed HELP HELP HELP a lot and they very nervously tried to get this guy to go. He ended up leaving, and I was walking through a garden park at night, very confused.


Just a short one today as I can only remember the last bit.

I was trying to fix an enormous water treatment plant, it was all pipes and really rather evil looking. I had a couple of assistants that were helping me but the job was getting more and more urgent. Alarms were going off and the preasure was building in the pipes. There was one more thing for me to fix but it was really far away and we had to take the maintenance tunnels to get there. We set off into the massive tunnels when my assistant told me that the reason the last piece was broken was because the giant spider queen was fighting a giant (Kong-sized) monkey in the central control room. We had to sneak in to fix the place without getting eaten or squished. I was not happy but we carried on anyway.
We started going down a steep slope of platforms that we had to jump down a layer at a time. Suddenly my assistant yelled for me to hurry up because we were being chased. In a panic I jumped all the way down the rest of the slope in one go, rather surprised I didnt hurt myself on the way down. We kept running into the proper tunnel, I turned back briefly and could see massive spiders hopping down the platforms after us.
Again my assistant yelled for me to hurry up but this time it was to get to a safe area before the tunnel flooded with horrible black sludge. It rolled past like a wave then would dry up really quickly. We basically had about seven seconds between each wave so we were hopping from safe area to safe area. Eventually we made it to the control room and the massive metal door slid open with a horrible grinding noise.

I woke up.

Familiar help?

I was annoyed/angry about something, slamming doors and shooting angry glares at the person who'd annoyed me. Then I went into the kitchen and there was a man there... a bit like a somewhat taller Rumpelstiltzkin, stooped, craggy-faced, grey-haired and scary-eyed. He said he was my Annoyance come to life, and he said some other things, I got a bit upset with him. I said it was odd that he was an actual physical thing. I ranted that this didn't happen, it was ridiculous, not real. Then he turned into a statue and said as he did, that only when I broke the statue would my Annoyance be gone.

As he was changing, I raised my hand unintentionally and the statue broke, it fell to the floor in pieces before I could do anything.

I said, "Well, I guess it's broken then, isn't it?"

I went outside, then later back into the kitchen. I felt a sucking/pulling sensation on my left toe, and looked down to find Zen had it in her mouth and was sucking the Annoyance (or Anger?) out of it. I was confused, a little afraid, but I let it go on.

I felt a similar thing on my other toe but couldn't see anyone there.

I woke up.

More freaking zombies.

There was a whole lot to the first part of the dream, where myself and Grant accidentally stole a boat off the French riviera. We couldn't find a place to dock it, so we just jumped off and let it drift, then saw a notice on facebook saying whoever ripped off the boat needed to give it back. We tried, but they got a bit pissy at us so we left. Then we were somewhere like a commune which Anny ran, but it was like anti-Anny, nasty and mean and super strict. We stayed a bit and she started getting really controlling, then we left, or tried to. I remember there being a whole issue where you could only be gay, and because we were heterosexual, they all hated us and tried to separate us. There'd been a demonstration of her shooting litle white balls from a cannon onto the river, to discourage people from leaving/arriving/going past. We tried to steal a canoe thing, but it didn't work. We ended up back inside the commune thing. Not sure what happened then, because it switched.

Suddenly there was myself and this guy, living alone in a big house by the water. We were the only two 'humans' left. Everyone else was dead or turned into a zombie. But they were quite peaceful zombies, they didn't eat brains or hurt anyone, they just traipsed about like empty shells, no personality left at all. I was getting really upset because the only self-aware male left in my part of the world seemed to be old, and that meant no sex. Then a bunch of French soldiers came wandering up, but they also were all old (two of them were twins) and they were more concerned with the lack of women of breeding age.

Again a shift, the soldiers were gone and the old man, but it was the same situation. A young guy had appeared and Dan too, I think. I'd been down in the bottom of the house, trying to pray and Goddess said "Go outside. See the difference." So I did, I'd been really depressed inside but when I went out, into the world, it fell away instantly and I was happy. We worked out that the house resented us being there and was making us miserable, so we decided to leave. In order to do that, we had to take turns running inside and getting all our stuff.

Dan had a painting (not sure of what, it was all golden colours though) that we wanted to take, and we had to wrap it up in garbage bags so it would be protected from the rain. Then we went and grabbed everything we could think we'd need, came out and realized we could go into a camping goods store and take some rucksacks to carry everything, we should be ok. The zombies started running through the house then, they were still peaceful and non hostile, but we'd never seen them run before and I got a bit nervous, and made us start out then, immediately.

As we left, this older bald guy joined us and said he was a human. Dan said "if you're really a human, you can join us." We started jogging through town and all the zombies seemed to be turning back into real people. We thought maybe whatever disease had done this was over. There was a little old lady who turned back, then clutched at her chest and fell down dead (in a rather comical way actually), from a heart attack.

Then they all started convulsing, and turned back into zombies, but this time they all turned to look at us and they were hungry....

And then I woke up.

Big tree...

After a very long night out with some people I didn't really like we went back to a friend of mine's (not real) for some food. Her mother decided to talk to me for a while and she very much reminded me of Marsha from Spaced. After talk at length about her and her husband's alchohol induced heart disease it was decided instead of going home I'd go with her family for a weekend away. We were then walking into the Amytiville Hotel for a haunted house weekend. It was decided I'd be sharing a room with three girls my age, which I was pretty happy about but they kept pretending they'd shaved my head so I was constantly checking the bathroom mirror. After a brief tryst with one of them we decided to go shopping. 
We were in a snowy little town square with a big merry-go-round in the middle. I was wandering around for a while with a bunch of shopping bags, the girls had dissapeared. I sat down on the merry-go-round and looked out at the various shops as it went round. One was selling odd statues like the kind you find in witchy shops, the were strangely unsettling. I took out a harmonica and started playing a tune I remembered from a previous dream (literally months ago before we started doing this). I kept playing as I went round and the background started to blend together. 
Suddenly I was on a small blueish-black island in the middle of a very pretty swamp. All the vegitation looked like cobalt or saphire or something, all very spacey and kind of alien. I recognised the island from on older dream (possibly the same one with the song), then the massive tree in the middle of the island started talking to me. I can't remember what it said but I remember its logic was flawless and it had some pretty good philosophical arguments. I hung around for a while talking to this tree when something caught my attention from behind. Sat in the water was what my brain thinks a Miwa looks like. She seemed to recognise me and she seemed rather familiar so I followed her. She led me to a tunnel made of old stone that opened up as we approached. The tunnel was half full of water so we continued in. The deeper into the tunnel we went the more ill she seemed to become and the more she shrank, by the time we saw the end of the tunnel she was no bigger than my forearm and nearly unconscious. I thought maybe she needed more water so I picked her up and ran to the end of the tunnel. I barreled out into what I can only be described as the storybook representation of the town I was in before but this time it had a massive ground level fountain in the middle. I lept into the water with the Miwa and tried to stay under as long as possible, I was having trouble holding my breath so I was hoping she'd be alright but when I looked down at her she'd turned into a doll.

I woke up from being underwater and smacked myself in the head trying to swim. 

Anubis Speaks

The stillness of the dark- Nothing is as still as pure, thick darkness.

My fingers touch the chalky texture of the wall. Even in this darkness, I can feel the colour attaching to my skin. Each little raised mark is known to me. Each image is a part of my skin, my blood. I walk carefully, one foot in front of the other, silently placing my weight into the soft, powdery sand. The light is coming. I can feel it from within me, a warmth growing from somewhere deep and hidden. The secret heart of it. As I walk around the corner, my fingers grazing the wall, I see it ahead of me. It slinks down the incline, shining off every grain of sand that covers the sandstone floor. The light is coming. It is finding its way home to me.

I will swallow it whole. I will carry it within me, into the dark places. I will keep it safe, beneath the earth in the tombs where the shadows lie. The sun rests here, where the dead are kept. As I walk over I bend, my knee sinking into the silk of the sand. I touch my fingertips to the warmth of it, feeling it running up my arm like liquid, like fluid fire. I let it roll into my palm, curling into itself. Slowly it forms into a disk, flat and perfect. It shines back at me, as I squint my eyes as I look at the clear image of my dark muzzle reflected back. Flat on my hand, I carry the sun back down into its home, into the sacred, stillness of the tomblands. The place where everything comes, where every life, every energy lies still and quiet. It is home.

It will leave me, again. I must let it go every day, hand it to the sky, to the people who bask in its glory above me. They think that it is dead, cold and alone, while they rest their heads in the world of dreams. But it is here with me. It is in its second home, I am the keeper in the dark, of the things that slip out of sight. Every moment I hold it in the secret places, is a moment of my heart beating in time with the pulse of the sun. It is as much mine as his, whether they see it or not.

I had a dream that I was married to someone, possibly Vince from the technocracy game, and we had adopted a little blond boy called Paul. I lost Paul and had to go running around looking for him, he was only about two and we were in a park.
After we found him I was showing an old man around my house, (my parent's house) but it was like in sims where you make the walls invisible so you can see the layout.
Then I had to get little Paul and put him on a bus to school. He seemed too little to be going.

Two bikers, both wearing bird-head masks/helmets, their jackets were like feathered with wings. They stood at opposite ends of a dirt road, on their bikes.

One was HAWK, all pretty boy handsome with the square jaw, noble and honorable.
The other was JACKAL (I think, but isn't that a dog? It was like Raven but not, like a scavenger bird, but not a vulture) - he had scruffy facial hair, much darker, his helmet/bird head covered most of his face.

Hawk went to greet Jackal, all polite and friendly. Jackal threw something at him, a bright round yellow disc (the sun???) and it was an attack. Hawk knew he'd do it, it was in his nature to do so. But it was in Hawk's nature to forgive, so he forgave, stood up, and approached again.

All polite and friendly, trying to greet Jackal....

Then it went to this odd scene where I was in a grocery store, then at a train station where the walkway was a series of hovering platforms you had to leap across, and I drove a semi home. Odd.