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Two bikers, both wearing bird-head masks/helmets, their jackets were like feathered with wings. They stood at opposite ends of a dirt road, on their bikes.

One was HAWK, all pretty boy handsome with the square jaw, noble and honorable.
The other was JACKAL (I think, but isn't that a dog? It was like Raven but not, like a scavenger bird, but not a vulture) - he had scruffy facial hair, much darker, his helmet/bird head covered most of his face.

Hawk went to greet Jackal, all polite and friendly. Jackal threw something at him, a bright round yellow disc (the sun???) and it was an attack. Hawk knew he'd do it, it was in his nature to do so. But it was in Hawk's nature to forgive, so he forgave, stood up, and approached again.

All polite and friendly, trying to greet Jackal....

Then it went to this odd scene where I was in a grocery store, then at a train station where the walkway was a series of hovering platforms you had to leap across, and I drove a semi home. Odd.


Jan. 20th, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
I want your dreams.

Yes Jackel is a dog. It's the african version of a coyote.
Though if he was a scavnager bird... i dunno...
I'm trying to think of some more scavanger birds, Buzzard?
If you're dealing with Jackels and Hawks it makes me think of Horus and Anubis. Anubis the Jackel is definatly a scavanger.
what an interesting dream!
I really associate Hawk and Raven with the sun. It makes sense for the two of them to have that relationship, and Hawk is a big archetype in the royalty sort of way, you know... Horus etc.
I like the way that there has to be the opposites, like the two characters who are both similar but differnt. Two sides of the coin, (familiar...?)
even the dog/bird relationship is something i'm really looking into at the moment, fox/crow, raven/coyote hawk/jackel eagle/wolf it's really interesting, one has to be the forgiver and so the other has to be the rude one to be forgiven.
Jan. 21st, 2009 07:48 am (UTC)
I really think it was Horus & Anubis... I wrote that before I'd really woken up, I was still hypnogogic when I typed it up. Looking back, it seems very Horus/Anubis... but why did ANUBIS attack with the sun??? Horus is the sungod...

How bizarre... you're looking into it, and I'M dreaming about it....! What's up with that??
Jan. 21st, 2009 01:40 pm (UTC)
i;ve just been thinking about it alot cause of my two shoulder tattoos, you know...
as far as anubis throwing the sun...
i'll get back to you... it's poking me in the back of the head.
i'll get back to you.


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