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More freaking zombies.

There was a whole lot to the first part of the dream, where myself and Grant accidentally stole a boat off the French riviera. We couldn't find a place to dock it, so we just jumped off and let it drift, then saw a notice on facebook saying whoever ripped off the boat needed to give it back. We tried, but they got a bit pissy at us so we left. Then we were somewhere like a commune which Anny ran, but it was like anti-Anny, nasty and mean and super strict. We stayed a bit and she started getting really controlling, then we left, or tried to. I remember there being a whole issue where you could only be gay, and because we were heterosexual, they all hated us and tried to separate us. There'd been a demonstration of her shooting litle white balls from a cannon onto the river, to discourage people from leaving/arriving/going past. We tried to steal a canoe thing, but it didn't work. We ended up back inside the commune thing. Not sure what happened then, because it switched.

Suddenly there was myself and this guy, living alone in a big house by the water. We were the only two 'humans' left. Everyone else was dead or turned into a zombie. But they were quite peaceful zombies, they didn't eat brains or hurt anyone, they just traipsed about like empty shells, no personality left at all. I was getting really upset because the only self-aware male left in my part of the world seemed to be old, and that meant no sex. Then a bunch of French soldiers came wandering up, but they also were all old (two of them were twins) and they were more concerned with the lack of women of breeding age.

Again a shift, the soldiers were gone and the old man, but it was the same situation. A young guy had appeared and Dan too, I think. I'd been down in the bottom of the house, trying to pray and Goddess said "Go outside. See the difference." So I did, I'd been really depressed inside but when I went out, into the world, it fell away instantly and I was happy. We worked out that the house resented us being there and was making us miserable, so we decided to leave. In order to do that, we had to take turns running inside and getting all our stuff.

Dan had a painting (not sure of what, it was all golden colours though) that we wanted to take, and we had to wrap it up in garbage bags so it would be protected from the rain. Then we went and grabbed everything we could think we'd need, came out and realized we could go into a camping goods store and take some rucksacks to carry everything, we should be ok. The zombies started running through the house then, they were still peaceful and non hostile, but we'd never seen them run before and I got a bit nervous, and made us start out then, immediately.

As we left, this older bald guy joined us and said he was a human. Dan said "if you're really a human, you can join us." We started jogging through town and all the zombies seemed to be turning back into real people. We thought maybe whatever disease had done this was over. There was a little old lady who turned back, then clutched at her chest and fell down dead (in a rather comical way actually), from a heart attack.

Then they all started convulsing, and turned back into zombies, but this time they all turned to look at us and they were hungry....

And then I woke up.


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Feb. 10th, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
oh you and your zombies...
Ok so...
House is self. The house is confining you, holding you back, but t the same time- it wants you to leave. To see teh difference outside where things are better.
The people/zombies who have no personality are walking around in life with no vision of anything outside themselves, they have ceased to be truelly human and become shadows.

Anny at the start could be a lot of things. It's a weird one. Do you feel pressured from the RW work to 'fit'?

so in order to leave the house we (was this me and you?) were running back and forwards, like you have to dip into your self to be able to see outside. To be able to access all the good things in the world, everynow and then you have to bring things from within. Shining painting... cretivity...

We were protecting those important things that come from the self, bringing them with us into a world of dead eyed people.
As we do this, they begin to wake.
Some wake to human
some wake to something scary, something that wants to eat us up.

Maybe you shoudl think about the devouring aspect. Being eaten...

Feb. 11th, 2009 11:25 am (UTC)
Re: oh you and your zombies...
Anny/RW - Maybe, I guess I do feel a bit pressured by that at the moment.

All the things we brought out we had to protect, and we were looking for a way to do that when the zombies changed.

I guess its about change, growth, renewal... and the emptiness eating me up...
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